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We want to do more!

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

At Achilles USA, we're not just focused on how to make the best film we can—we're focused on how to make an incredible product for each customer individually. And our dedication to quality has meant that every step of the way, we've been making sure that you get exactly what you expect from our films.

Now it's time for the next step.

In 2023, Achilles USA is celebrating its 50th anniversary and as a company, we embarked on a journey to mindfully plan the next steps in our corporate history. Our compromise to continue creating quality films will be followed by a compromise to become a more sustainable company.

For the last decade, we've been working on recycling initiatives, such as our buyback and package return programs. We've been working on training our people and we want to do more. In 2023 Achilles USA will actively build strategies to address the environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability. We will also gather data, so we can be transparent and show our customers how we are working to achieve our goals.

Stay tuned for what is about to come!


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