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Specialty Films

To support growing worldwide industries, we continue to expand our specialty film products while offering custom engineered formulas.


Achilles USA provides the highest quality base films for the safety retro reflective tape markets, including signage films and fluorescent films.


The same support and technology goes into our home and cinema theater screen material. We provide custom formulas to meet the demand of sophisticated coatings as well as high quality expectations to meet industry standards for 3-D technology. Capable of producing up to 106” width at the industry standard thickness of 12-15 mils. These can be manufactured in a custom formulated calendered PVC or a multi-layer extruded CPP formulation.

 Our films are used for: 

Film Screen

Reflective Films

Padded Toilet Seats

Safety Films


Cabinet Liners


  • CPP (cast polypropylene)

  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)


  • Color: clear, color, opaque, tint

  • Finishes: double polish, embossed, one-side polish

  • Flexible and semi rigid film

  • Hand: 10S-3.5H

  • Thickness: 3 mil-16 mil

  • Width: 3″-112″

Specialized Features

  • 3-D technology standards

  • Anti-static

  • Damp proof course (DPC)

  • Embossed

  • Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA)

  • Static dissipative

Contact us


Cole Farnsworth
Business Development Manager for Graphics
& Specialty Films

Phone: 425-438-4657
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Barbara Miller (Barb)

Business Development Manager, Stationery

& Specialty Films

Phone: 425-508-2493
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