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About us

Achilles USA is the North American manufacturing subsidiary of Achilles Corporation, a worldwide conglomerate of plastic film manufacturing.


Located in Everett, Washington, our manufacturing plant calenders, extrudes, laminates, and slits polyvinyl chloride (PVC), cast polypropylene (CPP), and olefin films.

We are a custom manufacturer, which means that we do our own formulations and compounding. This allows us to guarantee you get the film you need.

For more than 50 years, Achilles has been committed to quality, service, and innovation. Loyal to our customers, our suppliers, and our employees, our motto and reputation is built on the very best quality and customer service.

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Aerial view of Achilles USA buildings, four main buildings and a parking lot right next to it

Our story

Achilles Corporation began in 1947 as Kohkoku Chemical Industry Limited. It has become an internationally recognized leading manufacturer of rubber cloth, footwear, supported and unsupported vinyl film.


To meet the demand for high-quality vinyl film in the United States, Achilles USA was formed in 1973 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Achilles Corporation. Construction for this new manufacturing facility was started shortly after that on a forty-acre site in Everett, Washington, with its first calendering production line installed. The production began in 1974 and was devoted exclusively to producing double-polished clear vinyl.

In 1976, a 32" calender line was installed. The new line was capable of producing thicker gauge material with a wider width for the waterbed industry and having the versatility to produce very thin gauge materials such as UL-rated insulation facing and brattice cloth materials for the mining industry.

The new line with a 28" calender was installed in 1980 to replace Kohkoku's first production line. Because of this machine's versatility, Kohkoku could produce soft and semi-rigid window with clear, translucent colors and opaque vinyl film and sheeting.

In 1986 a new 24" calender line was added specifically to supply the bookbinding, advertising industry with semi-rigid double polished clear, orange peel and translucent film. In 1989 our pelletizer was added to 

our building. 

With a dedication to invest in the finest facilities, a research and development lab was built in 1991

Since the first $1 million initial investment to meet the demand for our top-quality products, we have invested heavily in new equipment, six manufacturing lines and other supporting production equipment for exceeding our initial investment, like our laminator added in 2019. The most recent multi-million-dollar investment for a new cast extrusion line was completed in November 2011.

Gathering efforts to become more and more sustainable, in 2023 Achilles USA became part of the Vinyl Sustainability Council (VSC). A non-profit industry coalition focused on common goals, objectives, and results that will promote growth and economic development within the vinyl design and manufacturing marketplace.

Today, with a total of five calender lines, a cast extrusion line and converting capability we can meet the needs of most customer and markets around the world.

Picture of Achilles' building in 1947
Aerial view of Achilles USA
A roll of the extruder line
Lab room with computers and testing machines
Achilles USA's building and silos
Slitters cutting a roll of clear film.

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