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Leather Car Interior

Automotive OEM

Achilles USA has been one of the most trusted OEM manufactures of interior trim covers in the automotive industry for decades. We offer both vinyl-based products and polyurethane based products to meet a wide range of seating, door, console and other interior surface applications that are often very demanding.


Our light weight, yet very durable polyurethane synthetic leather is a superior alternative to genuine leather. It has higher abrasion resistance than genuine leather while it weighs half as much and reproduces the same luxurious touch as genuine leather.


Vinyl-based products are cost-oriented alternatives to satisfy OEM needs. Our vinyl leather offers the touch and appearance of genuine leather at a fraction of the cost of real leather.


Both polyurethane and vinyl products also offer designing freedom incomparable to natural leather. It can reproduce the appearance of the most expensive Italian leather, or it can look like a new age tech fabric—just the way your designers want it.

 Our films are used for: 

Door Panels

Rear Shelves

Interior Trim Covers

Seating & Synthetic Leather


  • Polyurethane

  • Vinyl

Contact us

Hironobu Chiyoda
Automotive Sales Manager, Detroit Office

Phone: 425-438-4582
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