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Patient X-ray

Medical & Healthcare

Achilles USA manufactures a line of premium quality films, specifically engineered for medical device applications. Our films are made under highly controlled conditions and undergo 100 percent in-line optical inspection, ensuring optimum quality and reliability.


Full service engineering support is offered to make sure you get the right product for your application. All of our medical/health care films are made in the United States at our plant in Everett, Washington. Our reputation for quality and service leads the industry.

 Our films are used for: 



Hospital Mattresses/Cushions

Core Body Temperature Warming

Cold/Hot Packs

Wound Healing Chambers

Surgical Positioners

DVT Compression Pads

TPN Feeding Bags

Surgery Waste Collection Bags

Medication Delivery Devices

Urine Collection Bags

Hemodialysis Cassette

Infusion Pump Disposables


  • Flexible PVC film

    • DEHP plasticizer

    • DEHT plasticizer (non-phthalate)

    • TOTM plasticizer (non-phthalate)

    • DOA plasticizer (non-phthalate)

    • DINCH plasticizer (non-phthalate)

  • PVC/TPU blend film

  • EVA film

  • Multi-layer olefin film for bioprocessing


  • Color: clear, opaque, tint

  • Finishes: hexagon, taffeta, suede, matte and double polish

  • Hand: 60 to 85 Shore A

  • Thickness: 0.004” to 0.020”, up to 0.080” laminated

  • Width: 2” to 80”

Specialized Features

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Harold VonSpreckelsen
Business Development Manager, Medical & Health Care Films

Phone: 425-513-6431
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