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Achilles USA Collaborates with University of Washington's Industrial Assessment Center to Boost Energy Efficiency

Updated: Mar 12


In a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing energy conservation efforts, Achilles USA collaborated with the University of Washington's Industrial Assessment Center (UWIAC) to boost energy efficiency. The collaboration leverages the UWIAC program, which allows undergraduate students to gain hands-on experience by visiting industrial facilities, utilizing measurement equipment, and conducting in-depth data analysis. The outcome of this collaboration is a comprehensive report of energy-saving recommendations provided to the Achilles energy team.

Over the past year, Achilles USA has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable practices by saving over 1,000,000 kWh, translating to a substantial financial gain of over $80,000. These impressive results stem from a series of energy efficiency improvements implemented by the company. As Achilles continues to prioritize environmental stewardship, the partnership with UWIAC is poised to further enhance its energy-saving initiatives.

Graph Expected vs Actual Cumulative Savings

The tangible impact of Achilles' efforts is reflected in the data collected last year, exemplifying a marked trajectory of savings. The visual representation of these achievements is encapsulated in a graph, where the pink line vividly illustrates the compounding nature of energy savings throughout the specified period. As Achilles embarks on a new year, the collaboration with UWIAC signifies a commitment to pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency, setting the stage for even greater accomplishments in the pursuit of sustainability.


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