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Achilles USA at the Vinyl Week 2023

Updated: Feb 29

Wes Wangerin, Innovation & Sustainability Engineer, recently represented Achilles USA in Austin, Texas, during “Vinyl Week” (33rd Annual Plastics Vinyl Compounders Conference & the Vinyl Sustainability Summit 2023), participating on a Sustainable Design panel. Wes spoke on Achilles USA’s experience utilizing the Vinyl Sustainability Council’s “Sustainability Scorecard” tool for new product development.

Vinyl week 2023

This experience and effort have been toward qualifying multiple bio-based plasticizers for use in calendered films. Plasticizers from a renewable feedstock of varying renewable content have been researched and evaluated through extensive lab testing (roll mill, torque rheometer, weathering, etc.), three of which have already been trialed on the 28C calender in Static Cling formulations. Two additional plasticizers have calender trials planned, and two previously trialed citrate plasticizers will be rerun under specific parameters concluded from rheology results. 

These efforts aim to qualify and position Achilles to offer multiple “green” plasticizer options at different price points, performance, and bio-content while also focusing on processability and addressing typical bio-based concerns such as volatility and plateout. 

If you want to learn more about the Vinyl Sustainability Council access: Vinyl Sustainability Council - Vantage Vinyl 


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