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Facestock for PSA

When it comes to printable PVC films, our products stand out with great flexibility and clarity, especially in digital printing applications. Our secret lies in the unique formulation of the films and our many years of expertise in the production of printable films. Our films can be used in many applications, such as point-of-purchase graphics, signage for events, window adhesive-coated films, large format print, flooring signage and labels. 

  • Color: clear, opaque, tint

  • Finishes: double polish gloss, semi-gloss, semi-matte, single polish gloss, matte 

  • Hand: 4.5H - 2H 

  • Thickness:  3 mil - 6 mil

  • Width: 3″-110″

Check some examples of products that can be made with our films:

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Cole Farnsworth
Business Development Manager for Graphics
& Specialty Films


Phone: 425-438-4657
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