Achilles USA


March 16, 2020



TO: All Customers of Achilles

FROM: Chad Turner

DATE: March 16, 2020

RE: Supply Chain Update

Dear Achilles Customer,

We have received requests, from some of our customers, to provide a Supply Chain update. So, we thought it would be wise to post this update on our website and to update the information as the Coronavirus situation evolves. Currently, we are operating business as usual with no current impacts to capacity or productivity. We have experienced a slightly higher rate of “Call-in Sick” events, but we are covering for this using overtime.

At this time, we are not aware of any Achilles employees having contracted the COVID-19 virus. Each of our major machine centers are staffed with 4-5 employees per shift and are separated with walls on all four sides. We are asking our employees to remain in their primary work areas until the virus threat has subsided. In addition, all employees have been asked to follow the CDC recommendations for hand sanitizing, social distancing, and to avoid coming to work if they are feeling any flu symptoms.

We are proactively monitoring our supply chain and keeping a larger-than-normal inventory of raw materials where we can. The majority of our raw materials are produced in N. America and are important materials for the Medical and Healthcare industry. Therefore, we are optimistic that there will be minimal disruption in the supply of these materials, as the entire country gets prepared to handle a growing number of cases. Achilles is a leading manufacturer of plastic films used in the Medical, Healthcare, and Personal Safety Industries. Our raw material suppliers understand the urgency of maintaining a regular flow of materials to our operation. As of today, we are not aware of any delays or disruptions to any of the raw materials we use.

If delays begin to affect the Transportation industry, we appreciate your flexibility regarding the delivery timing and shipping methods (if needed). We will continue to do our best to minimize any manufacturing delays or disruptions in our supply of goods to your business. As new developments arise, we will be updating this memo regularly.


Chad A. Turner
President-Achilles USA

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