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Achilles USA is now part of the VSC (Vinyl Sustainability Council)

We’re excited to announce Achilles USA has joined the Vinyl Sustainability Council! We look forward to collaborating with other members to advance the vinyl industry’s sustainability.

Making an entire industry more sustainable is not something that we at Achilles USA can do alone — but is something that can be accomplished through collaboration. We’re excited to start 2023 collaborating with members from all across the vinyl value chain.

The Vinyl Sustainability Council (VSC) is a non-profit industry coalition focused on common goals, objectives, and results that will promote growth and economic development within the vinyl design and manufacturing marketplace.

During the process of being a member of the Council, we will better our processes to track, verify, and advance your sustainability efforts so we can use this data to understand where our company excels and where we need to improve.

VSC focuses its efforts on three impact categories: Resource Efficiency, Health and Safety, and Emissions. VSC members have established baselines and determined goals to track and report on the vinyl industry’s progress and we at Achilles USA are looking forward to being part of this.


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