Achilles USA

Inflatables & Rubberized Cloth

  1. Built tough to Work Hard

    Built tough to Work Hard
  2. A Lot of Quality in a Small Package

    A Lot of Quality in a Small Package
  3. Sleek, Euro-style Tubes

    Sleek, Euro-style Tubes

Any inflatable boat is only as good as its fabric. For over 40 years Achilles has been setting the standard for inflatable boat fabric using our customized formula combining tough and airtight elastomer coatings over a heavy duty Nylon or Polyester core fabric. Today, Achilles Fabric continues to set the standard by using an exterior coating of chlorosulphonated polyethylene, or CSM, for its unsurpassed durability and two interior layers of chloroprene for its remarkable air tightness. With so many fabric claims made by inflatable boat manufacturers, it is important to recognize that Achilles Fabric has been proven where it counts most – on the water. Many types of fabric have come and gone under many different names, but none have ever been proven more effective than Achilles Fabric. Trust your next inflatable boat to the proven name in fabric reliability, durability and toughness – Achilles.

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Full 5 Year Warranty on Fabrics and Seams
We back our claim to having superior fabric and construction with a strong warranty commitment.

Stress Bearing Transoms
We have always secured our transoms with a unique chloroprene rubber molded and transom tape combination; not just one or the other. This makes them ideal for handling the extra weight associated with 4-stroke motors.

Non-Corrosive Check Valves
All Achilles valves are non-corrosive with no moving parts that might break. They are engineered for easy “one-way” inflation and instant deflation.

Unsurpassed Seam Construction
Our seams are overlapped a full inch and reinforced with seam tape both inside and out. No one else takes so many steps to ensure seams will last.

A Smooth, Simple Oar System
We invented the fold-down locking oar system that makes rowing a breeze while keeping oars secured and out of the way when not in use.