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Achilles USA produces PVC films for containment liners, also known as PVC geomembranes or PVC liners. They are flexible synthetic membranes, widely used in various industries for containment applications where the goal is to prevent the migration of liquids or gases.

The primary purpose of PVC containment liners is to provide a barrier between the underlying substrate and the surrounding environment. They are designed to be impermeable so this property makes them ideal for containment and lining systems where protection against leaks or seepage is essential.

These are some common uses of PVC containment liners:

  • Environmental Containment: PVC liners are frequently used in environmental applications such as landfills, hazardous waste storage facilities, and wastewater treatment ponds. They help prevent the migration of contaminants into the soil and groundwater, thus protecting the environment.

  • Water and Liquid Storage: PVC containment liners are employed in water storage applications like reservoirs, ponds, and tanks. They act as a reliable barrier, preventing water leakage and seepage into the ground.

  • Industrial Applications: Many industries use PVC containment liners to protect against chemical spills or leaks. These liners provide a protective barrier in industrial facilities such as chemical plants, power plants, and mining sites.

  • Agricultural Applications: PVC liners are used in agricultural applications such as irrigation canals, aquaculture ponds, and manure storage systems. They help retain water and prevent the migration of fertilizers, pesticides, or pollutants into the surrounding soil or water bodies.

  • Decorative Ponds and Water Features: PVC liners are also used to create decorative ponds, gardens, and artificial water features. They help retain water and maintain the desired water levels while preventing seepage.

Check some examples of products that can be made with our films:

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