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Achilles USA is a leading PVC curtain manufacturer for various applications. Ours curtains are known for their durability and effectiveness in providing solutions for welding, anti-static, cold storage, and mining. These curtains are made of high-quality PVC material that can be resistant to chemicals, water, and flame. 

  • Welding - The welding curtains provide a safe environment for welding operations by reducing the risk of sparks and heat damage.

  • Anti-static - The anti-static curtains prevent the buildup of static electricity, which can be dangerous in certain industrial settings.

  • Cold Storage - The cold storage curtains are designed to maintain temperature control in refrigerated areas of the building.

  • Mining - The mining curtains provide a protective barrier against debris and dust.

  • Shower The shower curtains offer privacy and water containment.


Achilles USA's PVC curtains films are versatile and customizable to fit any project that you might be working on.

  • Color: Clear, tint, and opaque.

  • Finishes: Double polish, matte, and other embossed available. 

  • Hand: ?????  soft hand (Barb thinks PHR levels)

  • Thickness: 5mil to 20mil, up to 120mil  

Check some examples of products that can be made with our films:

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Barb Miller

Business Development Manager, Stationary & Specialty Films

Phone: (425) 508-2493

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