Achilles USA


Our Beginning

Achilles Corporation began in 1947 as Kohkoku Chemical Industry Limited. It has grown to become an internationally recognized leading manufacturer of rubber cloth, footwear, supported and unsupported vinyl film.

To meet the demand of high quality vinyl film in the United States, Achilles USA was formed in 1973 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Achilles Corporation.

Construction for this new manufacturing facility was started shortly thereafter on a forty acre site located in Everett, Wash., with the installation of its first calendering production line.

Since the first $1 million initial investment to meet the demand for our top quality products, we have invested heavily in new equipment, six manufacturing lines and other supporting production equipment for exceeding our initial investment. The most recent multi-million dollar investment for a new cast extrusion line was completed in November 2011.

Today, with a total of five calender lines, and a new cast extrusion line, we have the ability to meet the needs of most customer and markets around the world.