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Bio-Clear: Achilles USA introduces First-Ever Biobased Static Cling

January 10, 2014

Achilles USA, the world leader in static cling manufacturing, announces Bio-Clear, a sustainable static cling manufactured by using a plant-based plasticizer. Petroleum-based plasticizers have long been the industry standard, but Achilles USA has raised the bar as the only manufacturer to offer a cling made using renewable resources.

Traditional, or petroleum-based, plasticizers are made from crude oil. Plasticizers used in Bio-Clear are made from plant oils. Creating a static cling using a sustainable resource has earned Bio-Clear recognition as a USDA Certified Biobased Product.

Every 40,000 pounds of Bio-Clear produced in favor of traditional petroleum-based films, reduces Achilles USA’s environmental footprint and reliance on fossil fuels by 1,625 gallons or 13,000 pounds.

“Using a plant-based plasticizer instead of a petroleum-based plasticizer is a huge improvement for both the product and the environment, making it an easy decision for our customers,” said Scott Bollinger, vice president of sales for Achilles USA.

An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional petroleum-based plasticizers sets a new standard in the industry and Achilles USA is at the forefront of this improvement.

“Oftentimes, when you’re ‘going green,’ something is given up in favor of achieving the ‘environmentally friendly’ status,” said Bollinger. “But, we have not experienced any loss of quality or other physical characteristics by switching from petroleum- to plant-based plasticizers.”

Bio-Clear maintains the performance and aesthetic properties of the Achilles USA clings customers have come to rely on, including:

  • Substantially reduced VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • High extraction resistance
  • Excellent UV light stability
  • Equal or better physical properties over the existing plasticizer
  • Cost competitive relative to conventional plasticizers
  • Made in the USA

As with other Achilles USA products, Bio-Clear can be custom engineered for each customer’s requirements and specifications.

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